Teaching English literacy is a rewarding and fulfilling career offered in over 7 countries at I Can Read Centres. Many job opportunities for teachers and business opportunities in education are available with the I Can Read System.

In Australia, business opportunities in education exist for qualified teachers who are retired or who would simply like to work for themselves and build their own business while choosing their own hours. If you are a teacher who loves to teach literacy and you are looking for low risk business opportunities in education, please see franchising-opportunities-education  for details of the Individual Teacher Licence, email info@icanreadsystem.com or call the Sydney Head Office on 02 9972 1419 for business opportunities in education in Australia. These licences are an ideal, low-risk business opportunity for teachers who love to teach literacy.

In other countries, I Can Read Centres are seeking qualified and experienced teachers who are able to work full time and part time, including weekends and evenings. Teachers should have:

  • Early Childhood or Post Graduate Teaching Certificate of Education (Primary) qualifications;
  • ESL qualifications for countries other than Singapore, America and Australia;
  • experience in teaching young children;
  • good command of English grammar conventions;
  • a genuine interest in literacy and be native English speakers.

Successful candidates will be trained in the I Can Read System. Only trained and accredited I Can Read teachers are permitted to teach in licensed I Can Read centres. Accreditation must be renewed annually through updated training or employment. Teachers whose accreditation has expired or who do not teach at an accredited I Can Read Centre are not permitted to teach the system.