Holiday classes at I Can Read

Some time during the long, hot summer, you may want to stretch long, hot fingers towards your children and release them into the wild! Don’t! Christmas has come and gone for another year, you’ve had the family holiday, and you’ve hung in there this far. In a few weeks you will be thinking about getting ready for school. Why not pause and consider that getting ready for school is more than hopping down to Officeworks to stock up on pencils, books, rulers etc.?

What better way to ease the kids back into the school routine than some engaging holiday programmes for children in Sydney? (Also available interstate!) Just when they are becoming bored and restless, it’s time to start stimulating their young minds in preparation for Term 1, 2014. The transition from holiday mode to the regime of school is twice as easy when students are prepared and focused.

The I Can Read System Centres offer holiday programmes for children which are fun, run for a whole week or more, and are designed to ease the child back to the books while giving him or her the confidence to start the school year armed with improved literacy skills.

Centres offer a variety of holiday programmes for children in Sydney and interstate. Some examples are:

I Can Read Preliminary: enjoyable pre-reading classes focussing on phonemic awareness and phonics to prepare the young child to learn to read. It’s a MUST for children wanting a head start at school.

Creative Writing: for the literate child who wants to write engaging stories while learning the structure of text types and creative writing skills that target the purpose of the text.

Speech and Drama: a great confidence booster, lots of fun and action, students write and act their own material while working together to produce a dramatic presentation.

Holiday programmes for children are a useful bridge between holiday freedom and school discipline. Best of all, they are guaranteed to improve literacy skills and make the start of the new year easier and, therefore, more enjoyable. Confident and literate children look forward to beginning the new school year; they hit the ground running and never look back!

Find out what holiday programmes for children are being offered at I Can Read Centres in Australia by emailing info@icanreadsystem, or calling (02)9938 2303. To find a list of Australian I Can Read Centres, click: I Can Read System Centers Australia