WilliamWilliam is a great example of the improvement in writing which is easily achieved at I Can Read centres for students who can read and wish to improve literacy skills such as creative writing, public speaking, grammar, comprehension, spelling and a love of English literature. William attends a primary school in Sydney.

Sally is William’s mum and she is delighted to tell us:

“I am sending you a photo of my son who has been attending the I Can Read Program for two terms and has received a Merit Certificate and Principal’s award for his fantastic improvement in writing well-structured stories.

When my son first came to I Can Read he was writing one sentence on the topic and nothing else.  His spelling, grammar and punctuation were very weak.

But thanks to the I Can Read program he now has the confidence to write well-structured stories and, best of all, is enjoying it!”

William is one of over 150 thousand students who have gained significant reading success or improvement in writing at I Can Read. Why is I Can Read so successful?  Visit page why successful for some of the reasons why parents choose the I Can Read Programme.