If you’re a teacher, tired of the school system, working long hours for little pay, unable to find work in the schools, or retired from teaching, this opportunity is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for alternative jobs for teachers.

If you’re an investor, looking for an education franchise that is proven and has low entry fees, I Can Read could be the product for you.

The I Can Read System provides franchise agreements to teachers or investors. It allows qualified teachers to teach on a more personal scale.  It allows you to choose your own location and work your own hours, with the expectation of recovering all costs and outlays within a short time period. The inexpensive price for the licence includes the ICR range of products and services for an outlay both accessible and attractive to those seeking alternative jobs for teachers.

This opportunity ticks all the boxes that teaching literacy should provide and much more. You’ll make a real difference with measurable outcomes-based programmes; students will see their progress and be receptive to you; you’ll actually work less hours and probably make more money than you did as a teacher; you’ll teach in small groups and be able to provide individual attention to students.  This is probably how you dreamt teaching would be, when you first obtained your qualifications!

Join our growing band of franchisees who, seeking alternative jobs for teachers, have set up their own I Can Read Centres, have benefited from our marketing assistance, training, support and presence on our website, and change your life today!

If you are not a qualified teacher, you can also take advantage of this business opportunity in education by setting up your own centre and hiring a teacher. We can assist with facts and figures pertaining to this option.

*Register your interest today as there is no obligation when you explore this opportunity. This is a low risk investment, virtually guaranteed to succeed and we will give you a free start-up marketing plan that has never failed.

These licences are ideal alternative jobs for teachers for teachers or business opportunities in education for investors:

  • looking for a low-risk investment;
  • with a passion for literacy;
  • who wish to start their own business and set their own hours.

The licensing company reserves the right to approve all applicants.  Successful candidates will be trained in the I Can Read System. Only trained and accredited I Can Read teachers are permitted to teach in licensed I Can Read centres. Accreditation must be renewed annually through updated training or employment. Teachers whose accreditation has expired or who do not teach at an accredited I Can Read Centre are not permitted to teach the system.

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