“We would like to say a HUGE thank you to I CAN READ MONA VALE! We sent our daughter, Mackenzie, to I CAN READ when she was having a lot of trouble with her reading skills which was impacting on her self-esteem and confidence at school. It was incredible the change that just a few months at I CAN READ had with Mackenzie’s self-confidence and skills. Mackenzie is now well above the level required for her age and is truly enjoying both reading and her lessons at I CAN READ. Mackenzie’s school teacher has also commented on her new ability and attitude. I highly recommend this programme. Thanks again.” Brad and Julie George  

Alec: “The I Can Read program has had an enormous impact on Alec’s reading skills. It was quite amazing to see the amount of progress he has made in the six months he has attended. Thank you, Annie, for your dedication and beautiful style of teaching.” Sonia

Coby & Jessie: Coby has improved so much with his sounds, recognising letter sounds. Overall confidence has improved. The centre has helped me recognise that Jessie needs help in certain areas before she is to start school. Both children love coming and love interacting with the teachers. Bronwyn  

Chloe: I decided to start Chloe on the I Can Read system before she began school so that she would not feel as daunted as Ben (my other son) had. Chloe’s confidence and ability to now pick up any book and attempt to read the words no matter how challenging, is due to the easy and consistent ‘rules’ that form the foundation of the I Can Read® system. I am now looking forward to Chloe’s first year of school knowing that her I Can Read classes will make the transition to ‘big school’ and the reading process a much more enjoyable one for her and me. Linda Ong  

Enoch: “Enoch has improved in his reading since attending the programme. His attitude towards reading and writing has also shown a turn for the better. His confidence in spelling and reading has increased!” Mr & Mrs Teo Tee Loon   [EXPAND more]

Toby: “I always knew our son Toby (5) was interested in reading. When I heard about the I Can Read® system, I immediately knew I wanted him to be a part of it. Since starting the programme he comes home from lessons talking about digraphs and vowels and reading me stories at night! A whole new imaginative world has opened up for him. It is so wonderful to see a boy reading on his own for pleasure!” Anne Graham  

“The system is fantastic, it gives children an opportunity to develop skills they need for school, such as comprehension, language and listening skills.” Margaret Little, Director of Jack and Jill Preschool
“To be given the opportunity to learn to read before entering school, is really such a huge advantage for these children.” “She is able to read well and confidently with very good pronunciation and has moved on to reading non-fiction text after attending the programme.” Amanda Tan
  Mrs. Goh

After attending class at I Can Read Learning Centre, Sable’s ability to comprehend reading passages improved dramatically. Her improvement in the ability to articulate, both written and spoken, was also apparent. As a result of her phenomenal improvement, I decided to enrol her into the next level, the Advanced Writing & Exam Skills Programme. Under the close supervision of the well-qualified and competent ICR teachers, her writing skills took another big leap ahead. Her school academic results were excellent, where she achieved top marks in her Primary 1 school exam paper. Will I recommend I Can Read to my friends? Without hesitation, a definite YES! I can’t be more grateful to I Can Read and all the teachers who are always so encouraging and warm. Without them, learning wouldn’t be as fun and prolific.” Irene Teo

I Can Read Woodlands in Singapore reports that for 2007, their top Primary School Leaving Exam Programme student, who scored a B in her Preliminary Exams, scored an A after attending the intensive PSLE programme for three months. Nurul says, “I Can Read has helped me tremendously with their exclusive pointers and teacher Sue is the greatest teacher. Thank you, I Can Read!” Nural’s mother commented, “Nural would never have attained the same results from any other tuition/enrichment centre and we are very grateful to I Can Read!”

Whether the student has reading difficulties, or whether the student simply wants to learn to read, speak or improve English literacy, I Can Read supports students at any age and level of their literacy ability.