As you know, I Can Read is a global, proven and successful method of teaching literacy. It has been available in Singapore for approximately twelve years as the leading literacy brand. Teaching literacy is not just something that teachers can invent. If this were the case, then we wouldn’t need learning centres with a literacy system created by psychologists who have over 20 years research. In other words, “anyone could do it”. As everyone knows, teaching reading effectively is not easy because the English language is not “one sound, one letter”. It’s difficult and for more reasons than the one cited. The I Can Read System has a track record because the system is proven. Proven is the key word! The system has been created by educational psychologists. It has data to support its efficacy. It’s cutting-edge and based on research. Consider all these factors when you consider your child’s education.

We take this opportunity to advise parents that seven centres, previously I Can Read, have rebranded with an alternative brand.

For enquiries about the authentic I Can Read System, how to easily transfer your child and be assured of successful literacy outcomes, please call Head Office on 6484 1271 or email or  Listed below are new ICR centres which will take the place of those which no longer represent the I Can Read brand.



TIONG  BAHRU 9137   9200 Relocated to I Can Read Harbourfront 1   Maritime Square, #03-08 Harbourfront Centre. Singapore 099253.


CHOA CHU KANG 9173   9655 New Centre at Junction 10, opening 21 October 1   Woodlands Road #01-36  Singapore 677899.


TAMPINES 9729   5778 Relocated to I Can Read Bedok and I Can Read White Sands Relocated   to I Can Read Bedok and I Can Read White Sands.


WOODLANDS 9171   0248 New Centre at Woodlands, opening 21 October Blk   326 Woodlands Street 32, #01-119. Singapore 730326.


JURONG  EAST 9117   9645 New Centre at Jurong East, opening 21 October Blk   352 Jurong East Street 31 #01-133. Singapore 600352.


PARKWAY 9296   3180 New Centre at Parkway Centre, opening 21 September No 1   Marine Parade Central, #10-08, Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408.


GOLDHILL 9478   5250 New Centre at Goldhill Centre, opening 21 October 151B   Thomson Road, Goldhill Centre, 3rd Floor, Singapore 307606.

For more information, visit the website link: Notice To Parents

For reassurance and for reasons why parents can feel safe with the I Can Read System, see why successful or  We Have the Best Reading Programme.