I Can Read Sydney congratulates Vincent (9 years) who, over the space of one term at the I Can Read Centre at Brookvale, Sydney, wrote a story dedicated to his teacher, Annie, which was such an improvement on his entry story before he commenced at I Can Read, that his school teacher asked him to read it aloud in front of all the other students.


Story 1 (before commencing Annie’s class)

One day Grandma was making a big yumy dinner because her friends where comeing over tonight. While she was cooking the oven brock down the door bell rang and her friends where hear. She haden’t finished her cooking. She opened the door and said we have to go out my oven brock down so they went out to dinner.


Story 2 (after one term at the I Can Read Centre) and prompted by an ICR unit of work on “Fabulous Fables”

The Adventures of Griffin and Cerberus

The rays of light shone through the columns of the Greek Temple. However, it wasn’t the sun that woke Griffin up; it was the slobbering kisses from Cerberus. Griffin woke up with an eagle cry and whipped Cerberus to the ground with his lion tail. Cerberus’s three heads whimpered away.

ON the other side of the town, the city poacher “Bones” was getting ready to capture the lions, leopards and other animals to get money. He pushed people away as he stumbled through the crowds. He got on his carriage with two huge over-towering horses at the front and three wooden cages at the back.

Meanwhile, Griffin and Cerberus set off to find new friends. They heard the sounds of buzzing bugs jumping from tree to tree; they felt the tingling insects in the dirt against their feet as they walked. After a while, they found a pack of lions. Nervously, Griffin walked over to the lions with his heart pumping, and sat down. Suddenly, two male lions leapt up and chased Griffin away and roared, “We don’t want to be friends with you, you’re different!”

Griffin felt rejected; all he wanted was to fit in. He walked slowly off through the forest.

Bones took off towards the forest with his over-towering horses trotting along, with the leopards, cheeky monkeys and roaring lions in the cage behind. While Bones was riding along the path, he saw Griffin and Cerberus walking slowly through the forest. He thought he could make a really special coat with Griffin fur. After thinking about the special fur, he pulled up his carriage behind a huge tree with bark falling off. He climbed quietly off his carriage and tiptoed slowly to the back and found his rope and net. He crept through the forest a little further until he found a perfect tree. But he would need a plan to capture Griffin. He decided to put the net down, tie the rope to each end of the net, cover leaves over the net and tie the rope to the tree. Griffin and Cerberus then would spring up once they were on the net.

Now Griffin and Cerberus were walking slowly through the forest until they came to the tree; little did they know that Bones had set a trap right in front of them. Griffin took four more steps, BANG! The trap shot up with Griffin in it. Luckily Cerberus was beside the trap and managed to get away while Griffin was struggling to get out.

Bones came out from behind the big old tree with his knife, jumping with joy because he’d finally captured the creature that he would make the special coat with. He ran like the wind to the tree, put his knife in his mouth and climbed up. Bones was cutting madly like a group of people all rushing into a shop to get something special. As he looked inside the net, he realised that Cerberus had escaped the net, but he was happy to have the feathers of Griffin. Bones shoved Griffin into one of the dark, cold cages. Griffin jolted around as the carriage took off.

Little did he know, Cerberus was trying to find other mystical creatures to help Griffin escape. Cerberus looked in cold wet caves, small burrowed holes and up the highest tree tops, but there was no sign of any mystical creatures.

After a while, Cerberus stumbled across what he thought was a tree stump and decided to have a cosy sleep. Cerberus didn’t know the tree stump was actually a Dragon’s tail. As Cerberus was having his cosy sleep, he could feel the stump moving. He woke and was looking straight into the Dragon’s big yellowish eyes. Cerberus jumped up and ran behind a tree.

The Dragon said, “You don’t have to hide behind that tree; I’m not going to eat you.”

Cerberus boldly stood up and approached the Dragon. He told the Dragon all about the poacher capturing his friend Griffin.

He said to the Dragon, “You’re so big, can you help me save my friend?”

The Dragon said, “Ok, I know two friends that could help get Griffin back, they’re Centaur and Unicorn.”

Cerberus jumped on Dragon’s big thick tail and climbed up to Dragon’s head, but Cerberus was not a good climber so he struggled to get up. Finally with Dragon’s help, Cerberus got up and Dragon flew off. The trees leant back in the other direction and the leaves bent back waving in the wind as Dragon flew off.

Dragon said, “Centaur and Unicorn live next to a river. Unicorn lives in a pink hut and Centaur lives on the other side in a tree house.”

Dragon flew past Mount Olympus and past Minotaurs Maze. Finally, they came to the river. They saw a bright pink hut and on the other side there was a tall tree with a house on it. They watched the river as it went on until it suddenly stopped and turned into a waterfall. Dragon swooped down with his wings under his belly and landed on a bright green field next to Unicorn’s pink hut. With Dragon’s big thud, Centaur and Unicorn came running out to see what had happened. Dragon told Centaur and Unicorn about Griffin getting captured and they agreed to help. Centaur jumped up on Dragon’s head and gave Cerberus a little help to get up. They held on tight and Dragon flew towards the poacher as Unicorn flew beside them.

When they arrived they saw Griffin in a cold, cark cage lying on the hard floor. Dragon and Unicorn swooped down and landed behind a couple of trees. The trees made a howling noise as Dragon’s wings fanned down. Bones, the poacher, came out of his tent and saw the Dragon’s back stick up above the tree tops. He ran over to the other tents to alarm the poachers. While he was doing that, Centaur pulled his sword out and galloped over to the cages, he swiped the locks open one by one and as the locks fell to the ground clinking and clanking, the mystical creatures and normal animals helped each other to make an Animal Army. The poachers ran over to get their weapons then formed a line opposite Animal Army. The lions ran towards the poachers first, roaring loudly, next came the other animals with a hiss, howl and a squawk. Finally the mystical creatures followed.

With a bang and a roar, the war started with guns firing everywhere. One of the poachers shot a bullet to hit Cerberus but instead it went right through another poacher’s head. Griffin saw Bones going into a tent trying to hide, so he quietly snuck around the back and ran past the cages moving towards the tent. Bones quickly zipped up the tent’s entrance. Griffin jumped up and slashed the tent open with his great sharp claws. Bones quickly picked up a gun to try to kill Griffin. In self-defence, Griffin jumped up to try to get the gun, but Bones started shooting. Luckily, the bullets missed Griffin, and with his big, sharp claws he knocked the gun out of Bones’ hand. Bones fell to the ground. Griffin realised that he had scratched Bones on the chest. He tried to help him but it was too late, Bones was dead. Once the poachers had heard that Bones was dead, they all fled into the forest. The mystical creatures all yelled together, “Never come back again!”

And they didn’t.

Griffin and Cerberus finally were friends with the mystical creatures. They found a cave for Dragon next to Unicorn’s house. Griffin and Cerberus moved in with Unicorn. They all worked together to keep the forest safe from poachers.