This article opens by disclosing that the implementation of Reading Recovery in NSW has cost in excess of $55 million. In fact it’s much, much more. It then informs the reader that Reading Recovery “does not work and has few long term benefits”. The fact is that Reading Recovery “is based on ideas that have not held up to scientific scrutiny” (Louisa Moats). I have to say, isn’t it time we faced the reality that NSW taxpayers have been paying for a ‘pig in a poke’ and it’s been a huge mistake resulting in thousands of students remaining non-readers and virtually illiterate, not to mention devastated and demotivated in our education system’s approach to teaching children to read. Some years ago, academic Prof Max Coltheart said in an article he wrote that in fact we lacked the expertise to teach our teachers how to teach reading, let alone expect that our teachers are up to the task. At I Can Read, we have evidence of how effective our approach to reading is. You are welcome to contact us and explore whether our approach will be effective for you or your child. Email or call (02)9938 2303.
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