I Can Read is an excellent way to ensure school readiness for a child. From 3.5 years of age, children can begin to acquire phonological ability as preliminary skills prior to learning to read. School readiness includes many psychological factors as well as learning to read. Reading ability gives the child the confidence to start school and paves the way for success in the classroom.

I Can Read provides school readiness by empowering the child through his/her reading ability. Preschool literacy lessons include phonological awareness, phonics and the ability to process sequences of sounds in words.

A child of 3.5+ years will commence in the Little Bears Club Programme which introduces the child to games and strategies to enable his/her awareness of sounds in words. At his/her own pace, the child progresses through the Thinking and Creative Skills Programme (building on phonology) to I Can Read Preliminary, where advanced phonological and phonemic skills are learnt as well as the alphabetic principle.

Children progress at their own ability. Once they commence the I Can Read programme, they will learn to read in six months if they attend lessons once a week. It is recommended that students commence the I Can Read programme at least six months prior to commencing school. Fluent readers will enrol in the Advanced Language and Literacy Programme.

School readiness begins with lessons at an I Can Read centre.

Upon assessment, children will be deemed eligible for any of the above programmes, depending upon ability. There is no charge for an assessment. Qualified teachers who are trained in the I Can Read System conduct assessments and make recommendations.