Below are award certificates from UNSW to two students for their participation in the International Competitions & Assessments for Schools – Educational Assessment Australia. Total LIteracy (Singapore) congratulates both students:
*  Fu Le Xuan – Pr 3 – Writing – Distinction        * Lim Kai Xin, Sheena – Pr 4 – High Distinction

Letter from ICR teacher to Richard Oster, CEO Singapore, November 2010:

Dear Richard,

One of our Pr 3 students, Leanne Fu Le Xuan, has won a ‘Distinction” in the Writing Competition in the 2010 Educational Assessment organized by the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. (see certificates below.)

Leanne has been my student for two years and it is very gratifying to observe the change and progress she has made from a nervous, indecisive student to a confident, ready writer.

Another student, Lim Kai Xin, has won a ‘High Distinction’ and we are very proud of her.

I notice and welcome the comprehensive ‘PEP programme’.  Though some parents are wondering why the programme ventures into ‘Poetry’, the programme is in line with the MOE’s revamped syllabus.  In the October 6, 2009 Straits Times article, ‘Revamping How English is Taught’ by Shuli Sudderuddin.  It quoted the Education Minister, Dr Ng Eng Hen saying, “Teachers can use an array of tools to teach it, including riddles, poems and stories…. and there will be explicit instruction of grammar. “

The link to the Straits Times article is forwarded.  For those parents who are not aware of the paradigm shift, this article will throw light on the subject and help them to see that the “PEP” Programme is in sync with MOE’s.

View the article:

Incidentally, in the Debate Challenge, our team, Sengkang was the highest ranked team and able to progress straight to the Grand Final.  Also, Cheryl was named the best speaker.   The team is now looking forward to the Grand Final and has been pestering me for the motion and date of this momentous event in their lives.

Winning a ‘Distinction’ in Writing for Leanne; being the ‘Best Speaker’ for Cheryl and for those other speakers being in the ‘winner team’, I believe,  have very positive personal psychological effects and chart a new milestone in their lives.  I’m glad and honoured to be a part of this ‘I Can Read’ movement.

Teacher Eva.